community. diversity. yoga.

free monthly yoga class for all women.

due to the pandemic we are currently taking a little break to reorganize. we hope to start again soon!

yoga is for everybody – and it should be accessible to everyone!

in the light of the international #blacklivesmatter and anti-racism movement, happy place yoga is dedicating these free classes to PoC in our area. We want to reach out to women and girls who would not usually come to our regular classes (let’s be honest, we currently have a 98% white customer base); maybe you are not yet a yogi at hpy because you haven’t tried it yet or maybe because you just don’t feel comfortable or safe. Possibly there is just so much else on your mind more important than getting on the yoga mat. We want to listen to you – to your experience. we don’t care what you believe in. we don’t care if you are cis or trans. we care about you. come join the fun!

yoga ist für jeden geeignet – und deshalb sollte es auch für alle zugänglich sein.

vor dem hintergrund der weltweiten #blacklivesmatter und anti-rassismus-bewegung , widmet happy place yoga diese kostenlosen yogaklassen den PoC (People of Color) in unserer region. wir wollen frauen und mädchen einladen, die sonst nicht an unseren regulären yogakursen teilnehmen (derzeit ist unsere kundenbasis leider zu 98% weiss). Vielleicht nimmst du derzeit nicht teil, weil du es noch nicht ausprobiert hast; oder vielleicht fühlst du dich einfach nicht wohl oder sicher. Wahrscheinlich hast du so viele andere Dinge in deinem Kopf als darüber nachzudenken, auf eine Yogamatte zu steigen. wir wollen dir zuhören – wir wollen deine erfahrung verstehen. es ist egal, woran du glaubst. es ist egal, ob du cis oder trans bist. du bist uns wichtig. werde teil unserer gemeinschaft.

talk led & concepted by speakers of Colour.

yoga flow taught (sometimes in part) by josefine, based on the theme selected by our speakers.

once a month, on a saturday evening.

 we will start on a monthly basis but are open to creating a free weekly class! If you would like to come to yoga regularly already now but our prices are not for you: PLEASE talk to us. there is always a way to come to class.

we speak: german, greek, turkish, English, a little French and some Spanish. 🙂

free class

if you would like to donate the course fee (15€/class): All proceeds/donations will go to a charity organisation our talk leaders will choose.

topics & flows coming up:


we start again at the end of February 2021! online, on zoom. more to come soon!