full moon magic


the  full moon lights the way to reflect on what we have created in the past month, what we can release to move forward and also: let’s not forget to go get whatever we dream of.

Here’s my little checklist for the next night of the full moon:

YOGAPANTS. | get comfy! #sweatpants & #blankies

BREATHE. | take a moment to notice your breath. Hold your breath after a big inhale. Feel the air circulate your body. Listen to your heartbeat.The full moon corresponds to the peak of your inhale, wenn your lungs and belly are full with prana, air, life force.

PRACTICE YOUR ASANAS. |  the full moon is in the kapha element – the slow, the dense. So chose a more static, more yin-y kind of flow. I take my yogis through the moon salutations slowly, meditationally – embracing the „tha“ (sanskrit for „moon“) in hatha yoga with deep stretches and an open heart.

JOURNAL! Take notes on what you have made happen for yourself in this past moon cycle. Create a vision for the next. Set an intention and write it down. Check on your last intentions: what has been healthy and manageable to pursue? (f. e. to “drink more water”. this is easy to follow up on even in your busy life schedule. versus “go for a run every morning at 5 a.m” because… come on. Some days we just want to sleep in…)

CHARGE YOUR CHRYSTALS | yup I just wrote that. It’s a nice ritual to put your jewellery and gems into the moon light to charge them with calm female moon energy.

RELEASE & LET GO | of whatever didn’t work for you. Emotions. Unrealistic plans and expectations. This next moon phase is your moon phase! You got this!

happy full-moon howling everyone!